USG for Technology and Innovation

Kushal Dulla
tech1 fullKushal Dulla is a student of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme who studies math, physics and chemistry at the higher level.

Aside from being a complete anime and TV show freak, he spends a lot of his time playing chess, reading books, strumming a guitar or just sitting around and thinking.

Although he is lazy almost to a fault, he will do any task given to him perfectly and efficiently. Hand him a computer or a pen and he can solve nearly any problem you throw at him. He is easily bored so he always appreciates a new challenge to undertake, a controversial topic to think about or even a difficult mobile game. OakMUN is definitely a challenge which he will enjoy undertaking and he will employ all his skills and focus on it, in order to ensure OakMUN 2017 becomes an outstanding success!

Ishan Singh
tech2 full

I’m currently in 11th grade of the CBSE curriculum, studying commerce with computers. After having participated in several MUNs, both as a delegate and a member of the executive board, I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity to be part of the Secretariat and help organise a conference myself.

Apart from doing work, I spend most of my time creating music or playing football, the former of which I hope to pursue in the future as well. I’ve great interest for various forms of art and feel they’ve taught and continue to teach me a variety of skills, some of which I hope to display while fulfilling my role as USG of Tech. I hope to see you all at the conference and if nothing else, I assure you it’ll at least be the most aesthetically pleasing edition of OakMUN yet.