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Rahul Mereddy

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Rahul Mereddy is currently a grade 11 student studying Math, Physics, and Economics at a Higher Level as part of the IBDP at Oakridge International.

He started MUNing in 2014 had has never stopped attending more MUNs. Rahul is a also sports enthusiast and a die-hard Real Madrid fan. Not to forget, he is a huge fan of exotic cars!

Rahul is 100% goal-orientated and does his best to complete the task at hand with perfection. In his spare time, you can find him playing FIFA on his PlayStation (losing half the time). Apart from all of this, you will find him to be very humorous.

As Under-Secretary-General for Policy, Rahul aims at making OakMUN 2017 the best MUN you guys will ever attend!


Divyansh Saksena

Divyansh Saksena is currently in 11th grade of the CBSE curriculum, studying commerce with math. He has been an MUN enthusiast for over 3 years now, with OakJMUN being his first conference; he hasn’t looked back since and has served in the capacity of a delegate and executive board member on several occasions.

When not playing basketball, sketching, being sarcastic or making a bad pun (they’re actually brilliant), he spends his time catching up on his favourite TV shows, playing Pokemon or getting his hands on literally anything to read. If you see someone running his hands through his hair, being witty and sarcastic, chances are it’s Divyansh.

However, as much of a fun person he might be, he means business. He is extremely competitive, making him and others around him perform to their optimal capacity. As Under-Secretary-General for Policy, he promises to set a new standard of debate and make OakMUN 2017 an unforgettable experience for all of you.