USG for Finance

Pralok Ikkurthy
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Pralok Ikkurthy is currently a grade 11 student studying commerce with math as part of the CBSE curriculum. He aspires to be an economist and a professional tennis player.

When not on the tennis court or studying you will find him playing the guitar erratically, reading comic books, watching his favorite show Shark Tank, or hanging out with friends in the mall. The most characteristic thing about him is his his ability to solve problems tactically and his unlimited energy.

However chill he may look, once he is serious, he is the most competitive guy in the room. As Under-Secretary-General for Finance, he is looking forward to making the conference a memorable experience to the delegates and setting a new standard for OakMUN.


Ayush Aggarwal

Ayush Aggarwal is currently studying in grade 11 pursuing commerce with maths in the CBSE stream. A movie enthusiast, Ayush spends a lot of his time critiquing films of all genres. He also greatly enjoys watching TV shows, particularly Breaking Bad. One can also find Ayush engaged in a host of activities and hobbies including drawing, reading, playing basketball and tennis, and gaming.

He is a passionate musician and can play the keyboard and guitar. Ayush has also always had a very keen interest in debates and discussions, and believes that these are an excellent tool of not only expressing your opinion, but also understanding that of others.

As a perfectionist, he wants his work to be immaculate and precise. An aspiring entrepreneur, Ayush believes in hard work and pure hustle, and cherishes any opportunity to learn something new. As Under-Secretary-General for Finance, Ayush aims to make OakMUN 2017 the most memorable conference and set a new standard for the event. Hope to see all of you there!