Raviteja Vajja

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Raviteja Vajja is currently in the 11th grade, and is studying math, physics, and chemistry. His keen interest in technology fuels his desire to pursue a career in processor microarchitecture and the semiconductor industry.

After the start of his MUNing journey in Junior OakMUN 2013, Raviteja has attended several MUNs, both as a delegate, and as a member of the Executive Board. His experience on the circuit is venerable, and he hopes to use his experience to his advantage.

Raviteja is also a hardcore otaku, having watched 40+ anime and read countless manga series. He is also interested in playing the guitar, and has a peculiar love for video-editing. He also makes short films with friends.

Raviteja Vajja is pleased to be serving as the Secretary-General for OakMUN 2017. He hopes to make the conference an experience you will not forget.