Union of European Football Associations

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) is the European confederation of FIFA, the world’s football governing body. Based in Europe, with member states from Asia as well, UEFA represents the global interest in football. Formed in 1954 with 25 members, UEFA has grown to 55 member states. UEFA is the official organiser of national and club-based competitions such as the UEFA Champions Trophy, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, and the UEFA European Championship.




Discussing Limiting Non-European Players in the Squad of 16 of all member clubs

Background Guide




Executive Board


Ryan Mitra

Ryan is currently in his first year pursuing international relations as his master’s. He has been involved with Model UNs since 2013 and has attended and served in over 25 conferences in various capacities. He generally favors UN committees, but UEFA happens to be his guilty pleasure and he absolutely adores the amalgamation of football as a sport with policies and laws of a country. His current favorite player is Marco Reus and he is a Dortmund supporter (braces for Munich jokes). He is looking forward to seeing all of you in committee and hopes he can serve you well as your chairperson/president.

Assistant Director

Shreyas Guntur

Shreyas Guntur is currently enrolled in the IB Diploma Program at Oakridge International School. An early introduction to MUNs in 8th grade saw his passion grow for this exceptional activity over the past couple of years. He has attended numerous MUNs, in the capacity of both a delegate and an EB member. Apart from MUNs, he not only enjoys playing a wide range of sports but also enjoys watching a lot of football, with his favorite football club being Manchester United. He hopes to see a lot of enthusiastic delegates debating their socks off. And as it is widely quoted – “Intellectuals can debate, Idiots just argue.” Looking forward to being a part of OakMUN 2017.


Niranjan Sridhar

Niranjan Sridhar is a young Bangalorean with several MUNs of experience, with many awards to his name. He started munning in 2015, and it quickly became a part of his life. He is a die-hard football fan and believes that everyone successful needs to be passionate. He looks forward to OakMUN 2017 with a lot of excitement and hopes for some captivating debate.