Star Wars: Coruscant Peace Negotiations

Set during the peace negotiations at Coruscant during the events of Episode II, this committee will simulate the Galactic Republic’s meeting as a galactic war appears inevitable. With representatives from the Jedi Council, major planet systems, and important members of the Galactic Republic, this committee will decide whether the galaxy enters war, or if its members can achieve some sort of understanding.


Coruscant Peace Negotiations

Background Guide


Executive Board


Anurag Shah

Anurag Shah studies in Fiitjee, and just entered the 12th grade. He loves MUNning, especially in fictional committees. Roleplaying is what he is best at, and for a committee like Star Wars, he believes that this attribute of makes him well-suited for the committee. He is a huge nerd, and a Star Wars, LOTR and Wheel of Time fanboy. He loves reading, especially fantasy and history. He believes that he will make OakMUN 2017 a great conference, and that the strength of an MUN is not in its legitimacy, but in the ability to keep delegates engaged, and that you can trust that he has got you covered there!

Assistant Director

Tarun Vallabhaneni 

Tarun Vallabhaneni is a 11th grader in the IB curriculum at Oakridge International School and is pleased to be serving as the  Assistant Director for the Star Wars Committee. Tarun strongly believes that Model UN conferences have the power to elevate ideas to greater heights. Since starting his MUN journey in 2013, Tarun has attended MUN’s as a delegate, chairperson and secretariat member. An avid basketball player, pianist as well as an aspiring doctor, businessman and President of the United States, its almost impossible to predict what Tarun’s doing at a particular time but ranting about Star Wars and LOTR is a good place to start. Tarun is delighted to be serving on the Executive Board and looks forward to OakMUN 2017 and promises to make it an unparalleled experience and debate platform for the delegates.