International Atomic Energy Agency


The IAEA was created in 1957 in response to the deep fears and expectations generated by the discoveries and diverse uses of nuclear technology. The Agency’s genesis was U.S. President Eisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace” address to the General Assembly of the United Nations on 8 December 1953. The IAEA is strongly linked to nuclear technology and its controversial applications, either as a weapon or as a practical and useful tool. The ideas President Eisenhower expressed in his speech in 1953 helped shape the IAEA’s Statute, which 81 nations unanimously approved in October 1956.


Reevaluation of existing nuclear safeguards with emphasis on implementation in Middle East.

Executive Board


Yash Raj Singh

Yash Raj Singh has just completed his undergraduate studies in Electronics and Communication Engineering from MVSR Engineering College. He has participated in numerous MUNs in the capacity of a delegate and Executive Board member. He has also been the Secretary-General of The International Thematic Conference 2015 and will take the post again for this year’s edition. He has often participated in crisis committees and committees which require quick thinking and analysis. Having being present for the last two editions as well, he will be chairing the IAEA for the first time at OakMUN this year and will make sure that the committee runs smoothly. He believes that it’s very important for delegates to learn something new at the end of the day and has actively been training students on public speaking and leadership skills as well. A huge Manchester United fan, he is always up for a discussion about football and healthy banter as well!

Assistant Director

Avyakth Challa

Avyakth Challa is currently in the 11th grade at Oakridge International School. He attended his first MUN a couple years ago, and since then he has attended a number of MUNs as a delegate, Executive Board member and Secretariat member. Since then MUNs have become a passion of his and have helped shape him into the person he is today. Other than debating, Avyakth enjoys playing the guitar and is also an avid reader. He looks forward to seeing you all at OakMUN and hopes to help make it an unforgettable experience for all of you!


Yash Kothari

Yash Kothari is pleased to be your Rapporteur for the IAEA at OakMUN 2017. MUNs have played a huge role in developing his confidence as well as creating his interest in learning more about the world around him, and since the time he started MUNing in 2013, he has become an avid reader of world news, especially the Middle Eastern/North African terrorist crisis. Apart from MUNning, he takes interest in playing basketball, as well as reading books (David Baldacci and Jeffrey Archer are a few of his favorite authors). Yash extremely excited to be a a part of the OakMUN 2017 Executive Board and is sure IAEA will have a successful conference ahead. He wishes good luck researching (for all delegates), and hopes that you have fun while doing so!