Disarmament and Security Council

The Disarmament and Security Committee is the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, the main deliberative, policymaking, and representative organ of the UN. It considers all disarmament and international security matters within the scope of the Charter or relating to the powers and functions of any other organ of the United Nations, the general principles of cooperation in the maintenance of international peace and security, as well as principles governing disarmament and the regulation of armaments. The DISEC supports the promotion of cooperative arrangements and measures aimed at strengthening stability through lower levels of armaments.



i) Discussing the prevention of proliferation, development and utilization of Weapons of Mass Destruction

ii)Reviewing the Role of International Peace Keeping Mechanism


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Executive Board




Yatharth Kapoor

He’s 6’5″ and still can’t be even remotely intimidating. He finds his solace in playing, singing and even simply listening to music. He lives the blues and worships them too. Studying Computer Science & Engineering at SRM University, Chennai, he started MUNing in college and has been mooning college students ever since. Wait what. With over a score of MUNs under his belt, among other things, he excels at making comfortable situations uncomfortable and whiling away time doing absolutely nothing. He heads the PR and Marketing at Feynman Technology and will be serving as Under-Secretary General at SRMMUN 2018. Meet  Yatharth Kapoor

Assistant Director

Abhishek Akshantala

Abhishek Akshantala is currently a student of grade 10 who yields being a cognoscente of International Politics and affairs as part of his very identity. For what he lacks in the name of age, he balances out by his experience. He has participated in more than 25 conferences and has secured more than 50% Best delegate awards and he also enjoys being a moderator. At the end it may be fair to say he has a flair for perfection and therefore expects nothing less from Committee Debate ut in consociatione Resolve.


Anirudh Sastry

Anirudh Sastry has just completed his 10th grade from Chirec International. He started MUNing in 8th grade and finds it to be a great way to learn about international relations and the art of diplomacy. If you spot a short guy at an MUN who is probably arguing about how veg biryani isn’t pulao, you’ve definitely found Anirudh. Apart from MUNs, he enjoys playing basketball, and is a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors (no 3-1 jokes please?) and idolizes Stephen Curry. He looks forward to serving as the Rapporteur for DISEC and hopes to make your experience at OakMUN one that will always stay etched in your memory.